You dream it,

I create it!

szabadúszó grafikus

Why me?

freelancer graphic designer

I'm Petra Köteles, a freelance graphic designer. Living creativity has been my life since childhood. To create what is in front of my mind's eye, to see it in reality, is like breathing for me. I'm attracted by simple beauty, clean shapes, effortless elegance and modern style. This is also what I strive for in my graphic design.

Whatever you ask me to do, I know it's important to you and close to your heart. I know how you feel, so I do my best to bring what you ask for to life in a way that is unique and identifies with you, your brand. Maybe that's why I feel closer to the requests from individuals and sole traders, small businesses, because there is a personal connection, heart and soul behind their requests, and I can identify with that immediately.

It's important to me that you get the most out of my work, so I put my all into the design. Because positive feedback is important to me, you can expect quality work from me.

I've been working with graphics for over 5 years. I'm constantly expanding and deepening my knowledge, which is no problem thanks to my inquisitive nature and my never-ending desire to "learn something new". My newest passion is artificial intelligence, which is something I'm trying to develop and take advantage of in my work.

What do you need?

Do you need a business card you're happy to hand out?
Do you want a modern brand image for your business that people won't pass by?
Have you written a book that needs an eye-catching cover, maybe even some editing?
Do you want a flyer that doesn't end up in the bin?
Do you have your product but not the packaging?


How can I help you?


A company logo is an important visual identifier that helps to distinguish a company from its competitors and reinforces its credibility and professional image in the eyes of potential customers and partners.

brand image

When designing a corporate identity, it is useful to get the logo and other elements of the identity from one source. I can help you design all the elements to make sure they fit together.

Online creatives

A strong online presence is essential these days. It helps you find and reach your online audience, increasing visibility, credibility and customer acquisition. Whether you need social media posts or web banners, you can count on me!

Printing materials

Whether it's a book cover, a restaurant menu or the creative for a billboard, I can do it for you.


Like graphics, content and the design of a website or social media post should go hand in hand. I can help you create content that complements your design.


Want a funny T-shirt or a unique mug as a gift? Decorate your home with special pictures? Need a new phone case that no one else has? You dream it, I'll make it happen!

Since you will only be in contact with me, communication will not go astray, information will not be lost!

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